We believe in magic.

How about you?


Our mission is to help every person realize their most original creations.

Using the power of generative AI, we help anyone tap into the collective genius across their universe of ideas and people. Because AI's true potential isn't just improving how we interact with machines. It's redefining how we communicate with each other.


Heart Hands, Inc. was founded by the same minds behind Jour, which was acquired by Alan in 2021 and joined by best-in-class builders from Sunrise and Jumbo. We’re a group of engineers, designers, hackers, each with a knack for detail and a passion for breaking new ground in technology, especially when it comes to reimagining the way humans connect and interact. 


Feeling-first philosophy

We center our designs on people, creating experiences that effortlessly integrate into their daily lives. While we obsess over details, we never lose sight of what really matters: to make technology so intuitive that it fades into the background, allowing people to focus on their goals. This is driven by our deep empathy for those we serve. 

Internally, we practice what we preach. We rely on visuals to bring ideas to life, adhering to a "show, don't tell" philosophy that sparks conversation and fuels our collaborative creativity.

Culture of transparency

We prioritize transparency by avoiding direct messages and making all conversations and decisions accessible to the entire team. Communicating in writing enables deeper strategic thinking and supports asynchronous work across time zones. 

At the core, we believe in the power of our collective genius. Open conversations cultivate a 'thoughtful chaos' of ideas and perspectives, acting as a catalyst for creativity and continuous innovation.

All owners

Transparency, coupled with expertise-driven leadership, fosters a culture of distributed ownership. Each team member, armed with domain-specific knowledge, actively shapes our vision and strategy. This collective intelligence quickens our decision-making processes and propels swift alignment and execution toward shared goals


If our vision resonates with you, join us! We’re backed by the builders and investors who brought you Hugging Face, Pinterest, BeReal, Sunrise, Zenly, and much more. We offer an ecosystem where you can grow both your individual contribution and strategic thinking.

We’re actively seeking backend and iOS profiles, but open to hear from everyone.

Crafted with love from Paris, New York, Los Angeles.

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